Monday, December 5, 2011

Evaluating My Peers!!

I think that everyone I seen teach are right where they need to be even the classmate(s) that seem really shy were excellent in front of the class. I remember a few things from everyones lesson but there are some things that captured my full attention or that I could see myself using on a later date.

Although she was the very first to tecah I remember Caroline's lesson. I know she had to be nervous because she was the first to teach and had no idea what to expect out of us with our (scripted behvaiors). However, she was great she used the smart board succesfully and I loved the video of the story being read on her glogster, it capture my full attention so Im sure it will do the same with small children. I think she successfully defined and expalained ONO...MATO...POEIA I think thats it, yes thats it! I dont remember anyone every explaining what onomatopoeia was or that it was even a real word which defined words that represented a sound(snap,crackel and pop). I didnt know until maybe the forth or maybe fifth grade that onomatopeia wasn't a silly word like Supercalifragilistic-expialidocious and I found out on my own. I think Carol made the subject matter very easy to understand because it can be a hard concept to get students to understand. Her story, I SAW AN ANT ON THE RAILROAD TRACK helped her excute her lesson wonderfully,I see myself reading that book to my class one day! I dont know what else to say but GREAT JOB CAROL AND THAT YOU SET THE STANDARDS HIGH FOR US TO FOLLOW!!! =)

Evaluating my teaching.

First and foremost I LOVE teaching!! I couldnt picture myself doing anything else, I feel like in my own way im helping the world.Educating one child at a time, if I can impact just one persons whole life I'll be satisfied and succesful.

Although every thing I just said is true I always get riddled with aniexty and dread teaching my lessons. Maybe Im just a nervous person, I dont know. Its kind of weird when I think of it but from the very moment I look at the syllabus and see lesson plans I cring, LITERAllY. Ive always done very well on teaching my lessons from the very first to the present all my professors tell me "Im a Natural", so I dont know where I developed this anxiety from, but then it happens! The day comes and im ready its like another person is in front of the class; Im calm, confident and I excute the task at hand.

So of course CLIFFORD GOES TO DOG SCHOOL was no different. Prior to teaching the lesson I was absoluetly nervous!! The behaviors also added to my anxiety, I had no idea what I was going to do to keep everyone engaged and how I was going to react to students interrupting the lesson; was I going to freak out and be completely off track or roll with the punches. Writing a set of classroom rules is far from getting the students to actually follow them especially small children.

Once I started to instruct the lesson I felt Great! Everything went as planned. There was behavior problems such as danny walking aroundthe class and a little classroom chatter but "THE TEACHER" in me came out and knew exactly what to do and the lesson went on. So behavior really wasnt an obstacle. I cant really state an obstacle that happened while teaching bceause I felt really in control of myself as well as the students.
The only part of my lesson I felt needed to be improved was the wrting of my plan. IM VERY PROUD OF MYSELF!

Monday, October 3, 2011

Effective Questions for Clifford Goes To Dog School

1. Who Is Emily Elizabeth?

2. What do you think Clifford will learn at dog school?
(students can make predictions before actually answering the question)

3. What happened when Clifford Sat down?

4. Why didn't clifford play with the other cats and dogs when they played
near him?

5. If Clifford stayed and didn't move, what do you think would have
happened to Emily Elizabeth?

Another wordle for Clifford goes to dog school!!!

Wordle: cliff

Friday, September 30, 2011


Creating a Wordle was great!! I can think of a million different ways to use wordle in a classroom. I think I may like wordle more than Glogster.

My Wordle!!!!!

Wordle: clifford wordle


Glogster is still a little overwhelming for me, there was nothing like this when I was in elementary school. Its very student centered and interactive but its getting the best of me right now :-(... I'll figure it out though.......ONE DAY. I think I'll get my little sister to help me with my glogster problems, she's great with things like this..... TO BE CONTINUED